What are my two options for classes?

On-ground classes keep the traditional form of classes with certain changes. There will be fewer students in each classroom, due to safety reasons. You might be asked to attend class in-person one day a week and attend remotely the other day of the week to make sure that all students can have an on-ground experience. If you choose to take the on-ground option, you can elect to move to the remote option later in the semester.

Remote courses are taught through video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Big Blue Button, and Schoology. They offer the same instruction as an on-ground course but without going to the classroom. Keep in mind that you are expected to participate synchronously or asynchronously with your faculty and other students when the class is going on.  


Will I get to make a choice for each class?

You may choose to take all your classes remotely, all your classes on-ground, or any combination of the two.

As in most things in life, there are exceptions to your choices. There will be certain classes that can only be taken on-ground; these might be an upper-division lab course or an artistic class for example. Please continue to check your schedules to see if you are enrolled in these courses.

In certain cases, a class may be offered completely remotely to accommodate the needs of the instructor.


Other important considerations:

Full Time Undergraduate Tuition and Fees Academic Year 2020-21

Regardless of the learning modality or any changes to the learning modality throughout the year, tuition and fees for the 2020-21 academic year will not change from the approved published tuition and fees schedules included at https://www.pointpark.edu/admissions/TuitionCosts/Tuition/index

The University’s tuition and fees are nonrefundable. Tuition and fees paid by students supports the faculty, staff and other University resources needed to provide a quality education in delivering the mission of the University so that students can earn their credits and stay on track toward earning their degrees. The University has invested in technology, training, student support systems etc. to ensure that the need for multiple modalities can be delivered at any time due to changing circumstances that may arise.

In addition, Point Park awards scholarships and need based aid to over 99% of our students. On average, scholarships and need based aid reduce the published tuition price by over 50%.

Due to the current public health crisis, a course might be forced to move to remote learning during the semester. You will be notified as soon as possible to make sure that your transition to remote learning is a successful one.

Once you make your choice to take a course remotely, you cannot decide to return to the classroom during the semester. As I mentioned earlier, there are classroom capacity limits that are designed to keep all of us safer, and Point Park has to know how many students are in a classroom at one time.

If you have questions about how your decisions may affect your schedule or time to graduation, please contact your Center for Student Success coordinator or your graduate advisor.

Are you still having questions about Fall class formats (fully remote vs hyflex) or how you use PointWeb to make these choices in the Fall? Point Park has created two short videos that will help you with both questions. You can find them here or search for the Center for Inclusive Excellence on Point Park's home page, where the videos are embedded.


The form will be available from 7/31 at noon until 8/14 at midnight. You must LOGIN to PointWeb to see the form link below. You will only see a form link below if you are an on ground student.