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Point Park students:

The University has decided to offer all students the options of taking a Pass/No Credit (P/N) option in their courses as defined in the Student Handbook and Academic Catalog. 

Once faculty have submitted final grades to the Registrar, you will see the letter grades that you have earned. You will have between May 1 and May 7 2020 to make the decision on which grades to keep and which ones, if any, to choose P/N. All students are encouraged to talk your decision over with your Student Success advisor and your faculty members. If you decide to change one or more of your grades, you will be able to through a form that this available once you log into Point Web.

Additionally, if you are an undergraduate on-ground student, your Student Success advisor will contact you after you have submitted a P/N grade change. Your advisor can provide information on how the P/N may affect your future course work or time to graduate. However, it is always your choice as a student to decide if you are taking a P/N in a course.

The University has created a set of resources to help you make an informed decision on P/N. You can watch YouTube video, the recorded Pass/No credit webinar, or click through the P/N decision tree.

If you have questions about this process, please contact your Center for Student Success advisor or Dr. Jonas Prida, Assistant Provost at 

Thank you for being at the center of what makes Point Park great.  


Please use the following links to help you make your decision:

Pass / No Credit Policy Breakdown with Dr. Jonas Prida

PDF Tutorial on the Pass/No Credit Form

Further Pass/No Credit Information on Point Park homepage


The form will be available May 1 - May 7. You must LOGIN to PointWeb to see the form link below. You will only see a form link below if you have courses eligible for P/N. You will only see courses on the form that have valid grades submitted by your instructor.