Disseminating Emergency Information to the Larger Community 

It is the policy of Point Park University to provide timely warning to all students, faculty and staff of the University with regard to public safety and/or emergency issues affecting those on campus, and where applicable, to provide notice to evacuate. The PointALERT emergency notification system is in place to provide all members of the campus community with appropriate notice of potential or actual threats to health or safety. In the event of a threat, the PointALERT system immediately communicates a time sensitive message to the entire campus community by mass email via the campus email system and text message (if cell information is on file). The PointALERT system also has the ability to deliver such messages using one or more additional methods, as may be elected by members of the campus community.  The Point Alert notification system is deployed by the Public Safety Dispatch Center, a 24-hour-a-day, year-round operation. 

Jeffrey D. Besong
Assistant Vice President of Public Safety/Chief of Police
Phone: 412-392-3960
Fax: 412-392-8199

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